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Chapter 4

Did you know that Walt Disney World is the size of Los Angeles? Let's just say there's a lot of (literal) ground to cover.

Knowing how to get from your resort to the park, or even a dining reservation, can help eliminate the unknown and any wasted time. 

This chapter will cover buses, monorail, Skyline, boats, and of course the most important mode of transportation: strollers!

Love, Dana

  • Bus
  • The Monorail 
    Connects Magic Kingdom to 3 resorts, the Transportation + Ticket Center, and EPCOT
  • Disney's Skyliner
    The new gondola system connects 4 resorts, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT
  • Boat
    My favorite and most relaxing mode of transportation, there are 3 different water taxi systems for the EPCOT resort area,
    Magic Kingdom, and Disney
  • Paid rideshare service
    Uber, Lyft, or Minnie Vans™

Learn Disney Transportation






Let me explain the different options!



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Video: Learning Disney Transportation

There are 5 ways to get around Walt Disney World (besides your own two legs of course):

Use the My Disney Experience App

Whenever you feel completely lost - don't worry - there is a map in your pocket (or fanny pack...)

Watch this video (coming soon) to see how using the My Disney Experience app can save time and confusion getting around - along with bus schedules! 

More Trans-portation Tips

When Transportation Starts Running

All transportation - buses, monorail, the Skyliner, and boats - start running an hour before the earliest park entry. For example, if Magic Kingdom opens at 9:00am and Early Entry starts at 8:30am, you can expect to catch a bus by at least 7:30am.

Transportation will continue running between the parks and resorts 1 hour after park closing, and until 2am for Disney Springs. 

Parking around Walt Disney World

Parking your car at a resort will be between $15-25 depending on if it's a Value, Moderate, or Deluxe resort.

At the 4 theme parks, expect to pay $45-50/day for preferred parking and $25/day for standard. If you're hopping to another park you DO NOT have to pay for parking again.

The water parks and Disney Springs are have complimentary parking - yay!

Buy Your Flights

If you're flying, it's time to book your flights! The closest airport to Walt Disney World is Orlando International Airport (MCO for short) and about 20 miles/25 minutes away.

Pro Tip: MCO gets busy. Give yourself plenty of time for your departure flight, or look into TSA Pre-check ($85 for 5 years) or the new free Reserve system through Clear. 


Book Your Flights


There are 4 options to get from your the airport to your resort, and it revolves a LOT around car seats. Here's why:

Most bus transportation exclude car seats - they're not required and they ask that you let them stow it in the bus' luggage compartment.

But if you're in a car, most parents feel safer having their child in a car seat (even though Florida's law doesn't require them in any taxi service.) 

Book Ground Transportation

Mears Connect

Wait: up to 20 minutes to board for standard. Very minimal wait for express. Website doesn't say how long until you're at your resort.

Cost of standard, multiple stops: $91
Cost of express, 1 stop: $250

Pros: Using your own car seat is optional. Least expensive. Good for a large family.
Cons: No telling how long it will be before you get to your resort. You could be the first stop, or the last.

bus shuttle service



Sunshine Flyer

Wait: Up to a 20 minutes to board + up to 65 minutes before you arrive at your stop.

Cost: $93

Pros: Using your own car seat is optional. Inexpensive. Cute train/conductor theming. Good for a large family.
Cons: Have to wait to depart. Indirect route to resort.

bus shuttle service

sunshine flyer

Happy Limo

Wait: none

Cost for SUV with car seat: $221.40 ($246 - 10% off using code in the NOTES from We Do Disney Right: WDDR22)

Pros: Immediate pick up. Direct route to resort. Can add car seat and/or boosters. 1:1 service and communication.
Cons: More expensive. Would need multiple cars - or limo! - with a large family or lots of luggage.

private car (our favorite option)

happy limo

Uber or Lyft

Wait: 8-10 minutes on average. Could be longer during peak seasons.

Cost for SUV with car seat: $207.50

Pros: Can be booked up to 30 days before flight, sans car seat. Minimal wait for pickup. Direct route to resort. 
Cons: Car seat option can't be booked ahead of time, so no guarantee of availability when you land. Would need multiple cars with a large group or lots of luggage.

Rideshare service

Options for Getting to your Resort

Even if your child is a bit older and doesn't use a stroller at home, I think anyone under nine years old will need one. You walk a LOT in Disney World - the average is eight miles a day - plus it's a nice place to stow your cups, bags + sweatshirts. Note that stroller wagons are NOT allowed.

Here's what you have to decide: bring one with you (we personally gate-check our double Zoe Stroller and love it for Disney!) or rent one for the length of your stay.

There are pros and cons to bringing your own stroller. It's free of course, and since it's yours it's most likely what your kids feel the most comfortable in. But you do risk the chance of it being damaged in transit. 


Decide on Your Stroller (bring vs. rent)

This is the only service I've heard of that is allowed to leave the stroller at your resort without meeting you in person.

If you're going the rental route, here are some options I've found.






You will have to park your stroller before getting in line for an attraction. Sometimes the designated spots are well before the entrance, so keep an eye out for "stroller parking" signs.

Bring a stroller cover for rain and leave it in the boot. If it's a tempermental day, put the cover on before you park/leave it so you don't come back to a soggy stroller.

In a sea of black strollers, tie a bandana or hang a keychain, etc. so it's easier to find.

Be ready to collapse your stroller before boarding a bus.





If you have a more specific question not covered here, sign in to the Community and ask your question in the Transportation space here.

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