The best way to get a relaxed, margarita-filled day in EPCOT (even with kids)


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For when you're ready to show up to EPCOT with a plan. An epic...but chill, plan.

You booked the trip, you got your tickets. You have your park reservations. You feel like you've done all the "work".

But instead of basking in your greatness, you're feeling stressed about what to do once you get there.

you'll need to know...

Which entrance you're coming from and if you can use Early Entry.

Where you should head first to avoid the 3 longest waits.

A list of eeeeverything your kids can do and will love: like the playgrounds!

The best snacks that are available year-round, not just during festivals.

Grab the Guide to EPCOT

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As things change, the guide will be updated automatically so you're up-to-date for any future trips. I'm talking lifetime updates, baby!


Cruise through the digital guide (no PDFs here -- ew, David) in about 20 minutes. Bonus points for Oreos and a glass of Cab by your side.


Show up at the gate with confidence, knowing where you're heading first and feeling prepared. Woot!


here's what's inside...

Know the best time - and how - to get there. Did you know this park has two entrances??

Get Familiar

Dining in EPCOT

My favorite places for dining reservations, plus snacks and cocktails I'm obsessed with.

See all the attractions and height requirements for each across the 4 "neighborhoods" of EPCOT.

EPCOT with Kids!

Where to find playgrounds, characters, the best rides for toddlers, and what to do when they're too little to ride.

Start to visualize the longest waits so you know what to ride during Early Entry or use for Genie+.

Arriving at EPCOT

Cute ears? Check. Stroller fan? Check. Lollipops with extra vitamin C?? Check.

Avoiding Long Lines

The reason you're feeling overwhelmed is the same reason I did when I first started planning our family trips: because the advice feels endless.

But like all your other jobs - mother, personal chef, playdate coordinator - you are the best person to plan your vacation. Not me, not a travel agent, not your Disney-loving friend (bless her), just you. 

Here's my big secret: your vacation isn't going to be *magical* because of where you're going, it's because your family is going to make it that way. 

And when you DO get overwhelmed, I'll be here to help. If you have a question, just ask. Because my superpower is knowing not only my family - but the most magical place on Earth, too. 

I believe planning for Walt Disney World can be thoughtful,                  ...even inspiring.


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These aren’t just memories for your kids, they’re YOUR memories, too.

You’re going to look at that picture of them covered in chocolate (did you even give them chocolate?) and I'll bet big money you’re NOT going to say “man, I regret that trip.”

That Disney World can be enjoyable for everyone in the family.

I believe you're the best person to plan your vacation because you know your family. Not the internet, not me.

Setting an intention and asking yourself "would this make my trip worthwhile?" can take you from overwhelm to crystal clear planning.

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The key to a "perfect" vacation is different for every family.